About Us


Happy Weekends is a happy online marketplace that’s obsessed with making your weekends as great as they possibly can be. We do that by curating exciting mini-experiences with our partners, that you can be a part of, no matter if you’re an outdoorsy person or a home lounger. The way we see it, there are fifty two weekends in a year that we have to ourselves. Better start making them count!

Happy Weekends exists to empower people around the world to unwind on the weekend in their own unique way and in doing so, help them live a more balanced, meaningful and happy life.


The thing with weekends is that, you’re often left wondering what to do with them. And then before you know it, they’ve gone, and you’re back to another grueling week at work. Happy Weekends makes weekends fun and easy. With a bouquet of beautifully curated experiences, ranging from meeting celebrities, learning how to make cocktails, adventure sports on the beach, learning how to fish, exploring the Emirati hospitality – there’s literally something for everyone. And the best part is, choosing something you’d like to do is now ridiculously easy.


Happy Weekends revolves around you. What you like, what you would like to see, where you would like to go. Which is why, apart from handpicking experiences around the city for you, we also curate new and exciting experiences that you can take advantage of, every weekend.

Happy UAE